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Extraminds launches 4000+ Free Educational Videos on YouTube
Extraminds, India’s most popular EdTech giant is all set to rediscover the joy of learning. In its bid to educate students worldwide, the organization is coming up with a new YouTube Channel which will cover more than 4000 educational videos, all of which are free-to-watch.
In response to the huge success of Extraminds Educational App, the team has decided to relaunch its free educational services in a progressive manner. The idea is to offer best of learning experience to students, parents and educators from the comfort of their homes.
Commenting on the launch, Roger Kumar- Managing Director of Extraminds Edusocial Ltd said, “By launching the exclusive educational videos for free, we want to bring alive the joy of smart learning. We want to infuse learning in such a way that one finds easy to achieve it no matter where he or she is. We aim to inspire learners to embrace learning like never before”.
The curated videos in Extraminds YouTube channel will feature reading materials, graphics, animation, step-wise explanations and solved examples. The video lectures by best faculty are likely to help students gain better understanding of each topic as per the latest CBSE curriculum. This is probably the biggest free learning initiative till date.

Extraminds unique approach will immensely benefit both students and parents. The videos are open to everyone and anyone. And, best part is that learners won’t have to pay a penny for watching and learning from high-quality video-based lectures.
If sources are to believe, then Extraminds has been careful in selecting experts to make video lectures of different subjects. Each faculty member has years of teaching experience and handling students of different mindsets.  The teachers are well-versed with effective ways to provide better learning technique which can benefit them in the long run. Regarding the unique teaching, a faculty mentioned that Extraminds classroom comes with significant teaching values which promotes the thinking ability of the students.
Supporting the aforesaid sound bite, a 12th standard student mentioned that Extraminds video lectures have taught his mind to visualize ideas and results. He is impressed with visual learning style which is available in the DVDs. By learning from images, colors, pictures and graphics he could effectively manage information in his mind. The systematic diagrams and pictorial presentations in biology and chemistry has replaced hard words with easy pictures.  Now, he can memorize lengthy answers within short time.
Moving on, an official source confirmed that Extraminds will soon launch video lectures for medical and engineering students. The team is working hard to make interesting video content which can make studying actually fun and enjoyable. Faculty are giving best efforts to cover maximum topics to make lessons simple and easy-to-understand. Hopefully, students will be able to learn complicated lessons from anywhere, anytime in their suitable zone.