Why Movie Theatres Are Kept On Top Floor At The Shopping Malls? This Is The Reason


We all love visiting shopping malls. In fact, it is one of the go-to place for us on weekends.

Different people have a different purpose to visit malls; some visit to buy clothes, some buy groceries and some go with their children to enjoy at the kids section.


However, it’s safe to say that the theatres and food courts in the malls enjoy the most crowd. Ironically, both theatres and food courts are located on the top floors of malls and we have to struggle a lot to reach there.

But have you ever thought what’s the reason behind that? When theatres and food courts enjoy the most crowd, why are they not placed on ground floors?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Most of the people visit malls to watch movies and eat food. They are kept on top, so that crowd can check and visit other stores and shops too. When they will visit a shop, they may end up buying something too. So, it’s a kind of trap.


Also, theatres and food courts need a huge space so most of the times they are provided with an almost complete top floor.

We hope that helped in updating your knowledge base.

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