What A Superb Technology! This Pakistani Pizzeria Has A Robot Waitress To Greet & Serve Customers!


With advancement in technology, even impossible things are possible these days. Recent example is that of a pizzeria in Multan (Pakistan), “Pizza.com”, which has a robot waitress. Yes, this is for the first time in Pakistan that such a robot waitress has been introduced, to greet and serve customers. These robots are very common in China and US and they have literally replaced human staff.

The robot at Pizza.com, greets the customers, welcomes them and happily serves them. More than the pizza, it is this robot waitress that attracts the crowd.

How this idea popped up?

It was developed by Syed Usama Aziz (23), the son of Pizza.com’s owner. Basically, he is very much into technology and is an electric engineer. Since he’s damn interested in robotics, he thought of developing something for his father. After completing his graduation from NUST Islamabad in 2015, Usama was keen on going abroad for studying robotics but his father asked him to learn the same in Pakistan itself and prove his worth.

After attempts of convincing parents failed, he decided to stay back in Pakistan and develop a robot there itself, because he knew that importing machines from other countries would be very costly. It took Usama 8 months and Rs 4,00,000 Pakistani Rupee (equivalent to Rs 2.5 lac India rupee) to develop it.

All about the robot!

The robot waitress weighs 25 kgs and is capable of carrying around 5 kg food. The robot is smart enough and can detect obstacles too. Osama took this inspiration from China where restaurants make use of robots rather than humans. Mechanical and electrical components are used and the main idea behind a female body is to allow it to maintain a proper balance. The only drawback is that the robot is not trained to take orders; however, very soon this functionality would be enhanced too. It runs on a rechargeable battery for 13 hours (In one shot) and would last for around 10 years. Currently, the robot is in its testing phase and if things work out, other Pizza.com branches will also have this facility. No doubt, the robot doesn’t adapt itself to changes, but things can definitely be changed in the future.

Check the robot waitress’ video;

Many businessmen are keen on getting such robots and are contacting Usama for the same. Soon, the robot waitress will get a name too!

Mr. Aziz is proud of his son and says that this technology has helped Multan go ahead of Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

With such a less budget, Usama has done a great job! What do you have to say about this technology? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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