Were You Aware Of These 5 Health Hazards That Your Smartphones Are Causing?


For a majority of us, smartphones are definitely a lifesaver as they are quite helpful, when it comes to multi-tasking. But do you know that your phone might cause some severe emotional and physical health problems? Check the list of 5 shocking health problems that your smartphone is probably causing to you!


Nowadays, the number of people being addicted to phone is increasing so much that experts have named this situation disease as ‘Nomophobia’. Its literal full-form is No Mobile Phone Phobia. As per a recent survey, it was found that around 84 percent of the people couldn’t spend a day without smartphones. It is also found that 75 percent of young adults and teens check out their phones every 10 mins.

2. Filth

The amount of germs on your smartphone is not less than that found in your bathroom. Often, phones are touched without washing hands or are kept on dirty or filthy surfaces. Worst of all is that, this phone filled with layers of germs is placed near the face! So Yucky.


Using the phone and doing some activity simultaneously can cause some serious injuries. Scientists say that the brain activity is reduced by 37%.

4.Poor sleep

When phones with bright colored screens are used before going to bed, falling asleep becomes very difficult. Owing to this artificial light, the ability of brain to release melatonin is drastically released. If you don’t sleep properly, it would cause several problems such as weight gain, depression and much more.

5.Relationships are weakened

When you check the phone constantly when you are with people around, your relationships tend to weaken. Studies have found out that people using cell phones constantly are less likely to be pro-social.

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