Watch|Defenceless woman beaten unconscious in street with a plank of WOOD by two men after she is accused of cheating

This horrific video shows a defenseless woman being beaten unconscious in the street by two men – after being accused of cheating on her boyfriend .

Graphic footage shot in Rio de Janeiro begins with a shirtless man and his friend kicking the woman in the stomach so powerfully that she’s flung across the ground between them.

After battering her with a plank of wood, a desperate friend runs over screaming ‘para’ – stop in Portuguese – but she is hurled to the ground and hit in the face with the weapon.

The attacker – believed to be her spurned partner – takes a running kick at the woman’s head as she lies on the ground, instantly knocking her out.

Shockingly, local motorcycle taxi riders stand watching with some passersby simply ignoring the savage three-minute long attack.

Brazilian woman beaten unconscious in the street for 'cheating on boyfriend
The woman was beaten unconscious while several bystanders did nothing (Photo: Exclusivepix Media)

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