Triple H Delivered Big B’s Famous Dialogue & Indian Fans Have Loved It

Triple H

Some dialogues touch our hearts and the same is the case with those of Big B. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic dialogues are hard to forget and looks as if even WWE players are crazy for them.

Usually, WWE wrestlers don’t speak Hindi, but this time, an exception happened. Well, Triple H is that exception & he has won our hearts this time.

He was in Mumbai for promotion of a WWE event and that is when he was asked to deliver a film dialogue. Without any hesitation, Triple H delivered a dialogue of Big B from his famous movie “Shahenshah”.

His perfection levels were 100 percent & Indian fans loved it. His dialogue delivery showed no signs of difficulty at all; guess he had learnt some Hindi before coming here.

He chose the dialogue, “Rishte mein Toh Hum Tumhare Baap Lagthe Hai, Naam hein Triple H.” The way he said it refreshed our Amitabh Bachchan memories. Must say, he rocked the event with this!

If you too want to enjoy the same, you need to watch the video below;

This was amazing, wasn’t it?

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