This Girl Made Americans Taste Frooti! How They Reacted Is Damn Hilarious!

tast fruti

Our favorite Rickshawali is back and this time, she’s here to conduct her experiment on Americans. Curious to know what her next experiment is all about? This time, she wants to make all Americans drink India’s favorite drink Frooti.

Frooti is a very old drink and Indians have a strong bonding with it; but do foreigners even know about it? Right from kids to elders, everyone loves this drink and can have it at any time of the day. So, isn’t shouldn’t we make others taste it too? This is what Rickshawali is up to.

She has caught hold of some Americans of different age groups and is making them drink Frooti; the way they react is hilarious. It’s a totally new thing for them and so, they are enjoying it to their heart’s content.

Watch the video;

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