Something Impossible Happened On Roadies! Prince & Rannvijay Get Into A Heated Argument!


MTV Roadies Rising is such a show that has the capability of turning friends into enemies. Prince Narula and Rannvijay Singha have been the best of friends, but in today’s episode, we will get to see a completely different side of their friendship.

As we all know, Prince Narula takes Roadies tasks and its rules very seriously and can go to any extent to prove himself right.

Whenever a task is given to contestants, they fight hard and this is where “Dirty politics” comes in. Earlier, Rannvijay used to be Prince’s mentor but now, the duo are at the same level i.e. gang leaders. So, heated arguments are obvious.

The promo of today’s episode is out and you’ll be surprised to see the verbal spat between Prince and Rannvijay. Usually, Prince is very calm and composed, but today he’ll lose his temper and enter into an argument with his best buddy.

Watch the video of this promo right away;

Is this another publicity stunt? In reality shows, such stunts are very common and this could be one of them. We just can’t digest that Rannvijay and Prince can fight this way. what do you feel after watching the video?

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