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In the wake of the recent proposed ban on Pakistani actors in India, Bollywood actor Ali Fazal says he is often mistaken for Pakistani actor-singer, Ali Zafar. Interestingly, the two actors have never met face-to-face.

“Unfortunately he gets tagged a lot on my social media profile. So I end up seeing a lot of messages for him. I have been asked so many times by people, ‘do u also sing, are you Pakistani?’ It is the easiest typo that can happen in writing and speech. The funniest bit is that I have never met him,” says Fazal, who hails from Lucknow.

Fazal also recalls an incident when he was asked to sing on stage. He says, “I remember I was at a press conference where somebody came up to me with absolute confidence, like he knew me forever, and whispered in my ear, ‘You should sing a song now. The Indian audience will enjoy it. Your songs will improve India and Pakistan’s relations.’ I clarified to him that I wasn’t Ali Zafar.”

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