Reasons Behind Every Popular Indian Traditions! We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Temple Bells

If you grew up in a normal traditional Indian household, your visits to Temples/Mosques/Churches were an ordinary affair, but if you were a curious child like me, you probably thought many things. Why do we join our hands while greeting someone? Why do we ring bells? Thanks to the internet, we can know the reasons behind Indian traditions.

1) Namaskte

Ever wondered why can’t we just shake hands instead of doing a Namaste? Well, there is a reason behind it. When we join both our hands and fingers together, they activate the pressure points in our eyes, ears, and mind, which helps in remembering that person for a long time. So next time just avoid the handshake.

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2) Wishing wells

How many times have you stood in front of a pond, tossed a coin and wished for something? This ritual is known to bring you good luck, but that’s not the only thing. In ancient days, coins were made out of copper which is very good for our body; so tossing a copper a coin into a river or well and then drinking that water was a way to ensure a healthy supply of minerals into our bodies! Remember to toss a coin only if it is made out of copper.

3) Why do we apply kumkum?

The Indian bindi or tilak is iconic in the western parts of the world and is considered to be of great significance. The real scientific reason behind is that there is a major nerve point between our two eyebrows, and pressing that while applying tilak or kumkum helps in regulating the blood flow to the face.

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4) Bells in Temple

I am sure everyone enjoyed ringing the bells before entering the temple as a kid, but have you ever wondered why we do it? The reason behind is the sound produced by the bell echoes for at least 7 seconds and helps in activating the seven healing centers in our body. So make some noise on your next visit.

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5) Sweets after meals!

Typical Indian meal consists of a spicy dish paired with something sweet to eat at the end. You’ll be surprised to know that spicy food activates the digestive juices in our body and helps in regulating the digestion process; sweets pull down this process and hence should always be eaten in the end.

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6) Applying Mehendi

Weddings are stressful and Mehendi or Henna is an essential part of it. Do you know why girls apply it? The reason behind this is Henna is a powerful herb which helps them regulate their body temperature, especially hands and feet. In short, it makes sure girls have literal cold feet before your wedding.

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7) Why do we sit down to eat?

Most of you eat your dinner on a dining table or in your bedrooms, but it is highly recommended to eat while sitting down, as it helps in digestion and also prevents you from over-eating.

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8) Surya namaskar

Ever wondered why Surya Namaskar should be done only in the morning? The reason behind it is when you are performing the water offering ritual and look at the sun through the pouring water, it helps your eyesight. Plus, waking up in the morning is good for your overall health.

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9) Why do we fast?

You’ve probably seen your mom or your grandmother fasting on some days; the scientific explanation behind that is fasting helps detox all the harmful chemicals in the body and helps deal with indigestion.

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10) Touching elders’ feet

Touching someone’s feet is a symbol of great respect, and we all have done it while growing up. The reason behind it is that it enables a healthy flow of blood across your body and helps you absorb the positive energy from the other person via your fingers.

Do you know some more like these? If yes, feel free to share with us in our comments section below.

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