Owner Of Freedom 251, Mohit Goel Detained For Doing Fraud! Here’s What Happened!


A year back, there was a ton of buzz made by Ringing Bells, who guaranteed to dispatch the make-in-India telephone, Freedom 251 in the market. Everybody was astonished to hear the cost of Rs 251. Nonetheless, it was a trick and individuals realized that it was fishy in light of the fact that Ringing Bells expressed that around 30,000 clients booked the telephone, however in actuality there were crores of individuals who had enrolled for the same.

At long last, the man behind Ringing Bells, Mohit Goel has been confined. Yes, he was captured in Ghaziabad, after Ayam Enterprises, a Ghaziabad firm stopped a FIR against Ringing Bells.

All things considered, the organization had done an extortion of Rs 16 lakhs with Ayam Enterprises.

What precisely happened?

Manish Mishra, the Deputy SP of Ghaziabad expressed that they have confined Mohit for cross examination. In the FIR, Ayam Enterprises expressed that Goel had persuaded their organization to take up distributorship of those telephones; this had happened some place in the time of November (2015).

Ayam Enterprises paid around Rs 30 lakhs to Goel’s organization, however consequently they got items simply worth Rs 13 lakhs. After steady subsequent meet-ups, they could get back just Rs 14 lakhs (Products and cash). 16 lakhs are still with Goel; on asking the cash, Ringing Bells gave them demise dangers.

Since Mohit Goel has been gotten, how about we see what move is made against him. What do you feel? Do share your perspectives in our remarks segment underneath.

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