NRI Couple First Adopted A Boy & Then Killed Him! Reason Is UNEXPECTED & SHOCKING!


Adoption has become a common thing these days; those couples who don’t have any hopes to enter parenthood naturally due to some or the other medical issues, resort to adoption. Just like others, even this NRI couple decided to adopt a child in 2015, but their motive was completely different and you can’t even imagine!

Well, the duo Kanwaljitsinh Raijada and Arti Loknath from London, planned to adopt a boy and then murder him so that they could get Rs 1.20 crores of his insurance amount back; yes, first they took an insurance cover of Rs 1.20 crores for their son and then planned his murder to claim the money. What a selfish motive, isn’t it?

In 2015, they adopted Gopal with the help of a person named Nitish Mund (Who shifted from London to Keshod in Junagadh), but no one knew that the couple was so selfish. Akshok Tilva, the police inspector who is investigating the matter stated that

“Arti and Kanwaljitsinh conspired with one Nitish Mund to adopt Gopal (13), get him insured and then kill him so that they could get insurance money. Nitish, who also lived in London before shifting here after his visa expired, had planned along with the couple since 2015 to kill Gopal.”

An FIR was filed against them and now, Nitish is in police custody. Firstly, police arrested Nitish, after which this entire plan was unfolded. On 8th of February night, Gopal was attacked with a knife by 2 unknown people who were riding motorcycles.

This incident took place in Junagadh district’s Keshod area when Gopal was returning to his hometown Maliya with Nitish and Harsukh Patel; Tilva said,

“Hired assailants attacked Gopal and Harsukh Patel after they came out of a vehicle at a pre-decided place at Keshod. We have initiated process to arrest the NRI couple who are at present in UK.”

The entire thing was planned by Nitish; he had hired the murderers for Rs 5 lakh each. This is so damn wrong, isn’t it? This couple should get strict punishment for showing such a selfish behavior and playing with a kid’s life. What’s your take on this? Do share your views on this in our comments section below.

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