Man Decorated Car With Rs 2000 Notes For Girlfriend As V-Day Gift! What Happened Next Shocked Him


The Valentine’s Day has special significance for lovers, as it’s considered to be the best day to express your love to that special person.

Gifts naturally play a very important role in this situation and we all seek for something unusual and very special to impress and bring a smile on the face of our love!

However, what this man did is simply out of the ordinary which no one could have imagined!

Yes, a Mumbai man decorated his car with notes of Rs. 2,000 for creating an unforgettable impression on his girlfriend, as per Amar Ujala. Nevertheless, before this could happen, he landed up in jail!

That’s right! When the man drove the decked vehicle on the road, everyone along with Mumbai cops had been in a state of surprise cum shock and eventually, the cops took him and the car into custody.

It is rumored that he wished for giving this car to his lady love as a Valentine’s Day gift. His identity isn’t yet disclosed but reports suggest that he might have done it for the sake of publicity too and not for his girlfriend!

Update:- Some comments suggested that this was promotional stunt by self drive car rental company and notes were fake from children bank of India. We’re still verifying the authenticity and correct information regarding this incident. We will keep you informed!


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