Hrithik Roshan: There are other single men around who are perhaps more eligible

Hrithik Roshan feels there’s a difference between his and Salman Khan’s foundations, as his isn’t about making the world better or changing it, but about “changing yourself”.

Hrithik Roshan

This year started off on a great note for Hrithik Roshan, thanks to Kaabil hitting the bullseye at the box office as well as garnering him loads of critical acclaim. These days, the actor is spending time with his children (Hrehaan Roshan and Hridhaan Roshan), indulging in the occasional soccer game, and is apparently “reading one script a day on average”. Hrithik has also made time to shoot for a motivational video about never giving up. “I am a student of life and I am perennially curious. It’s an instinct that comes naturally to me. So, I ask questions, to others and also to myself (smiles),” says the actor, as he opens up about life, his career, and being single.

This year (on January 14), you completed 17 years in the industry. How has the journey been?

It certainly feels good (smiles). I feel great that Kaabil released in the 17th year of my career and people appreciated my performance in it so much. But I strongly believe that it’s also the time to look ahead, to evolve consciously and see what the possibilities ahead are.

Hrithik Roshan’s last release, Kaabil got him a lot of critical acclaim.

Salman Khan and you are passionate about your respective foundations and are constantly working on them…

Yes, I do feel strongly about my initiative, and I am sure Salman does too. But there is an essential difference. My initiative is not about making this world better or changing it, but about changing yourself. It’s about being the best you – physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s the key objective of my initiative. I believe your entire world is a projection of your internal world in your brain. So, simply put, changing the world depends on the individual changing himself to become his best. Simple. We are mostly dealing with the physical aspects now, but in (the upcoming) stages, we will complete the circle.

Of late, you have been rumoured to be doing several films. Apparently, you are reading a number of scripts…

Yes, I am reading a lot of scripts. I am excited about some, but for me, it’s a process. I am interacting with a lot of creative people, and I must say that I am enjoying that process. We (actors) should all regularly meet directors or writers and have general discussions with them, but it doesn’t happen. During the process of hearing scripts and meeting people, one realises the value [of meeting creative minds].

You are considered one of the most eligible men in Bollywood right now. Are you enjoying this tag?

Honestly, it doesn’t occur to me (smiles). There are other single men around who are perhaps more eligible.

The path to success is filled with barricades, dead ends and locked gates. How do you #KeepGoing?

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You recently put up a teaser on social media of a motivational film that you shot for recently. How was the experience?

We have put in a lot of effort. Sometimes, short films can take a lot of effort, but when you achieve what you had set to communicate, it feels good. I’m happy with the end result.

Rohan Bhatnagar with the Master Blaster- Sachin Tendulkar. Thank you for your wishes for #Kaabil.

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Recently, Ben Affleck said that he is absolutely fine with the constant spotlight on his life, but gets bothered when his children’s personal space is invaded. Do you agree, especially since Hrehaan and Hridhaan are always in the spotlight?

If we all become responsible, this wouldn’t be a worry. I understand that the media is changing, and the definitions of ‘private’ and ‘public’ are also changing, but there are certain things that require handling things responsibly.

Is it true that you want to write an autobiography? Is something in the offing?

Yes, I have been approached by a few writers, but there is nothing in the pipeline as of now. Let’s see what happens in the future.

When in doubt, always go with black. PC: @colstonjulian #tophatsarentonlyformagicians #stylingcheatcode

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Recently, you, along with your physical instructor, developed a special workout…

When you have been involved in fitness for a particular period of time, you learn. Most importantly, you learn from your mistakes and your injuries. I have come close to giving up my fitness regime at numerous points, but something inside me didn’t let me do that. And I believe that all these learnings can be shared, and they can produce tangible results.

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