Heroic rail worker risks life to save ‘drunk’ cyclist about to be hit by train in incredible CCTV

The worker sprinted and pushed the man out of the way just moments before they both would have been killed

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A rail worker risked his life to save a cyclist who had no idea he was about to get hit by a train in this astonishing CCTV footage uncovered by the Mirror.

The man was pushed out of the way just moments before they both were about to be killed in one of the most heartstopping near-misses ever caught on camera.

Previously unpublished, the video was obtained by the Mirror from a source in the railway industry keen for the heroic actions of the rail worker to be recognised.

His identity is currently unknown.

The 52-second clip captures a man, who appears to be wearing a beanie hat or possibly headphones, stumbling and falling as he crosses a single railway track with his bike.

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