Hazel accepted my friend request after three months: Yuvraj Singh

In 2007, when Yuvraj Singh parted ways with Kim Sharma, his actress girlfriend of four years, their breakup was ideal fodder for rumour mills. Many reasons were cited for this turn of events; some said it was due to her obsessive behaviour, others said it had to do with Singh’s mother disapproving of her.

Theories about the cricketer missing Sharma abounded but they died a natural death with time, and soon after, speculation ran rife that Preity Zinta and Singh were dating. Sometime later, Singh was back in the news; this time, it was his alleged romantic involvement with the then-emerging actress Deepika Padukone. Two years ago, when word about his supposed relationship with actress Neha Dhupia trickled in, it was an addition to an already long list of alleged dalliances: the all-rounder is said to have dated actresses Preeti Jhangiani (2007), Minissha Lamba (2009), Riya Sen (2010), Shazahn Padamsee (2011) and Anusha Dandekar (2012) as well.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Singh a bon vivant; his impish charm is known to set women’s hearts aflutter. But now is an interesting time in his life, for Singh – or Yuvi, as he’s fondly called – has kissed goodbye to his colourful past and is all set to embark upon a new phase in his personal life. The cricketer has been engaged to his lady-love, actress Hazel Keech, since last year and come the last week of November, the good-looking couple will tie the knot. The cricketer is hesitant to divulge too many details though. “There’s a sangeet and a wedding ceremony in Delhi, in addition to another ceremony in my home town, Chandigarh. The ceremonies will be over before my birthday on December 12. I do not wish to reveal more as it is a private affair,” is all that Singh is willing to say.

Even at the bachelor party thrown for him, the models are all eyes for Singh, but the groom-to-be is blithe. And if he’s nervous about taking the plunge with Keech, he’s certainly not letting on. “Unlike most people who show interest in my life only because they are driven by some agenda, Hazel is a genuine, honest person, who knows the real me. The fact that she takes no interest in my on-field life is refreshing,” he gushes, as he sits down for the interview. “She shares my attitude towards life – both of us love goofing around and we believe in working hard. Life is interesting when you have such a partner.”

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