Gurgaon school bus fire: Parents to boycott white buses


Parents of Amity International School in sector 43 on Wednesday held a meeting and discussed the issue of transportation of students, following the fire incident on Monday. Parents said that they will not send their children in private transport buses that don’t follow the colour code and other norms.

A school bus of Amity International School caught fire on Monday morning in Gurgaon. Thirty-five students and four staff members had a narrow escape.

“We are paying the full fees for transportation. Why should we compromise the safety of our children? We want yellow colour buses that adhere to all norms, else we will not pay fees for the next quarter,” a parent said.

Another parent said, “If the schools have no budget to buy buses, they should not ask for the transportation fees. They are overcharging parents and in return, are risking the safety of the students. If any mishap takes place they would have blamed the contractor.”

A group of 25 parents will meet the principal and school management on Saturday. The parents have decided to demand more women attendants in the buses, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and GPS (global positioning system) be fitted and an active parents’ association be set up.

The parents said that many times, they have seen that the staff and drivers are not in uniform and have a casual approach to their job. It is only when an incident (such as the fire) takes place they come into action, a parent said.

“We will meet the school authorities on Saturday and give them a memorandum of our demands to ensure safety and security of children in schools. We will request them to implement them in the interest of our wards,” a parent said.

Parents also said that the school must run its own buses and not hire buses from a contractor.

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