Fishes Live Only In Water Is A “Myth”! This Fish Can Survive On Land For Years!

Fish lives land

We must have heard many stories about fishes in our childhood. Remember that famous poem “Machhli Jal ki Rani hai”? Be it our parents or teachers, everyone taught us that just like we live in our homes, fishes live in water! Since then, that mindset is fixed in our head.

However, do you know that there’s a fish in Nigeria (Africa) who can stay on land for years that too without any water or food? Yes, it is called the African Mud Lungfish. Scientists have found out that this African Lungfish can sleep outside water for a maximum of 5 years without eating anything; these fishes wake up only when freshwater surroundings are available.

Some mysteries make us quite curious and this is one of them; they too have gills like normal fishes. So aren’t you wondering how they survive on land?

To know more, watch the video;

This is something new that we’ve got to learn! We will keep you updated with some more mysteries like these. Did you enjoy this video?

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