Even Sachin Tendulkar Won’t Believe His Eyes After Seeing The Batting Skills Of This 4-Year-Old Kid!

Boys do have that love for cricket right from children. While some treat it as a hobby, some aspire to make it a profession. Yes, some children have exceptional cricketing skills and become successful batsmen! Sachin Tendulkar is a living example, don’t you agree?


Now, let us introduce you to 4 year old Shayan Jamal, who has superb batting skills. Yes, he is such an awesome player, that probably he will give tough competition to Sachin Tendulkar once he grows up.

Since Shayan was an year old, he used to sit glued to his TV during cricket matches. Moreover, when he was 3, he started playing and now at the age of 4, the school has chosen Shayan in the U-12 team. You will be surprised to see how Shayan plays the cover drive and moreover, his forward defence is commendable.


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