Conjuring 2 Nun Runs Behind People & Scares Them! People’s Reactions Are Hilarious!

Conjuring 2 was so scary that some people just couldn’t sleep at night after watching it. Did you watch it? Didn’t you get scared of the dark after that?
The scariest part of the movie was the white-faced nun. What if you are going somewhere and she comes in your way? Won’t you be freaking scared? Some might get a heart attack too!

Well, Funk You has come up with a Conjuring 2 prank and you might get shivers on watching the video; but let us tell you that this is just a prank and nothing serious. In this video, the man, who is dressed like that nun, runs behind passersby and scares them to death.

You will sympathize with those people after seeing their reactions. Yes, they are hell scared on seeing this nun. Want to watch the video and enjoy the reactions of people or probably pity them? Here you go…

Did you have fun while watching the video or did you get scared? Let us know your reactions.

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