Cash crunch hits Jazzy B’s Gurgaon gig

Singer-songwriter Jazzy-B’s Gurgaon concert was postponed recently.

Jazzy B fans were disappointed when the rapper’s concert in Gurgaon was postponed recently. The event had to be called off owing to the on-going cash crunch. “I have a big fan base in Delhi and Gurgaon. I know they are disappointed. I was looking forward to perform, but I got a call from my manager that it’s postponed now,” says
Jazzy B.


The crooner however does not seem completely in favour of demonetisation. “You don’t expect this kind of a change in just a day. People, whether rich or poor, were not prepared for this. I know it’s to bring a change in the country, but to do it in a day is hard,” he says.

A frequent traveller to the Millennium City, he keeps a tab of what’s happening here. Mention the alarming levels of pollution, and he says, “We all just blame the government but we don’t blame ourselves for air pollution and for making the city dirty. It’s our job too to keep the city clean, and be a responsible person.”

The singer is based in Birmingham, UK and Canada, but his heart is still in Punjab. He says that his visit to India isn’t complete without paying a visit to his pind (village) in Punjab, “I have a home in Jalandhar, but I love my pind, Durgapur. There in no place like it.”

The rapper who’s known for several hit songs like This Party Getting Hot and Romeo, says folk music is still his first love. “Our folk music will never die. It has so many compositions, and the writing is so different. It’s beautiful every time you listen to it. I love folk music, though I mix modern beats to it,” he says.

The organisers cite payment issues and the decline in sales as the primary reason because of demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. “We can’t do any payment in cash as we don’t have hundred rupee notes and no one is interested in accepting payments in cash. There has been a huge downfall in tickets that were being sold in cash.”

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