CASE introduced Coal Gasification Technology to Sponge Iron manufacturers

venkateshwara sponge giridih jharkhand
A Pioneer in Coal Gasification Technology, CASE introduced the concept of using coal gas generated by gasifiers to be used as a fuel for the sponge iron making. India being the leading producer of Sponge Iron DRI through conventional rotary kiln process was unaware of the numerous advantages which were to be realised by implementing the gasification technology.
Over a period of 2 years CASE has successfully commissioned more than 30 such units, capacity of the kilns being primarily of 100 tpd. An over all reduction in manufacturing cost of sponge iron which was attributed towards reduction in coal, increase in production, increase in steam generation etc. was successfully established.
Today these plants are running on complete automation, well synced with the kiln operational parameters. The users vouch for the unbeatable design and performance of the equipments.
A standard Coal Gasification project for a conventional 100 tpd rotary kiln is capable to achieve paybacks in less than a year.
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