Baba Ramdev Caught Selling “FAKE” Patanjali Honey on Amazon !

Baba Ramdev has been using the ‘Made in India’ to promote and expand his business. He is using the people’s emotion for their country to make money. All the Patanjali products are dubbed as “100% natural and safe”. But when the reality checks in most of Patanjali products are of inferior quality compared to other branded products. Even the reviews in the e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart are telling us that the Patanjali brand products are fake. Most of the reviews are rated 1 star. These are some reviews for Patanjali’s Honey which is ‘Made in India’ and ‘100% percent natural’, “Quality is very poor. I purchased it from Patanjali Amazon outlet Cloudtail.” one said and another sarcastically said “Sugar which is made from pure honey” in his review. From the reviews it can be seen that people are telling that the honey is sugar made, thin and they prefer Dabur honey rather than Patanjali’s honey.

Here are screenshots:-

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