At 23, Alia has achieved more than I could in 40 years: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt says his daughter Alia Bhatt has made him superfluous and that he respects his daughters’ decisions to live life on their own terms.

Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt is a proud father, and whenever he talks about his daughters, his eyes light up. The 67-year-old, who doesn’t believe in mincing words, says his daughters are representative of the time we live in.

“My daughters are great, self-made women, who have made their own way in this world. Look at Alia. She has made her father superfluous. Without holding my finger, she has made a place for herself under the sun. At 23, she has achieved more than I could in 40 years of my life,” says Mahesh.

The Zakhm (1998) director adds that even his elder daughter, Pooja, may have got a start in Bollywood because of him (her first film was 1990’s Daddy, which was directed by Mahesh), “but she carved her place in the industry on her own”.

He reveals that Pooja never asked him for help, even in the toughest phases of her life. “I wasn’t there when she got married and when she got divorced; it was her choice. There was no melodrama, with the father asking, ‘What’s happening?’ What do I have to do with that?” he asks.

Mahesh respects the decisions his kids make. “I will be with them and their choices through thick and thin. I respect their decisions to live life on their own terms.”

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