Akshay Kumar Highlighted The Reality Of Award Shows & It’s Shocking!


Actor Akshay Kumar is always left behind when it comes to award shows. Yes, we all know that award shows are biased and favor particular movies. However, we really haven’t been able to figure out the logic behind that. Time and again, we have seen that Akshay Kumar hasn’t fared well at popular award shows.

However, the actor has a different take over it. He says that although he is not getting awards, he is happy with the rewards that fan s are giving him, in the form of love and care.

Akshay Kumar also makes a shocking revelation; he says that often at award shows, he is asked to lower his fees if he wants an award, did you have any idea about that?

The Khiladi says

“It happens sometimes that the people from the award night call you and tell you that if you perform their then they can give half the money and give an award as well. I tell them that they can give me complete payment and keep their awards with them. My fans have never stopped giving me rewards in form of their love and support and that is what matters.”

He gave this reply on Aap Ki Adalat, when Rajat Sharma, the famous TV anchor asked him a question about awards. Talking further about the same, Akshay said

“I don’t think this is something to be so worried about or I should lower my morale. Sometimes my wife (Twinkle Khanna) taunts that her parents (Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia) are National award winners but I don’t get awards.”

We definitely agree with Akshay; he is a deserving actor and not getting awards doesn’t mean he is bad. However, we were shocked to hear the reality of award shows.

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