AB De Villiers Asked Dhoni About His Retirement! Dhoni’s Reply Left Him Speechless

The South African cricketer AB de Villiers is considered as one of the best and most destructive batsmen of the world cricket and his capability of playing shots all around the corner of the field has earned him the title of Mr. 360.


However, the South African Captain is all praises for the former Indian captain MS Dhoni who is not just a great player and batsman but also a star wicketkeeper. Just recently, in the series against Sri Lanka, Dhoni did his 100th stumping in 301 matches.

In an interview to The Ring Side View, AB de Villiers talked about the little chit chat that took place between him and Dhoni during the World Cup 2015. In the tournament, Indians defeated Proteas by 130 runs in a group stage clash.


A video is getting viral on the Internet which shows AB de Villiers saying,

“I have mentioned it to people before that I should do it how he (Dhoni) does it. (He is) non-stop, doing it day-in and day out.”

He added,

“We were playing in World Cup 2015 and India beat us in Melbourne. We stood at post-match presentation and I asked him how long can he go for? How long can he do this for? He said I love every second of it (smiles). I said okay. He is one of a kind and I will always have respect for him for what he has achieved in his career.”

Watch The Video:

Well, Dhoni definitely deserves respect for his service to the Indian cricket and the country and we wish to see both the cricketers playing for long time and entertaining us.

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