8 Of The World’s Most Extreme Sports That Not Everyone Can Tackle


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While most run away from a storm, some bravehearts run towards them. Storm chasing is where one follows the storm to get a front row seat to Mother Nature’s destructive display. One such storm claimed the lives of three back in 2013 – after the El Reno storm hit Oklahoma. Suffice it to say, this needs to be approached with due caution. Again, why would someone do this? Research, curiosity, a general kick out of life?


Wait, some of us haven’t even tried a unicycle yet; but to do so on the steep slopes of mountains? Oh boy! It’s as crazy as it sounds. It originated in the 1990s in the US, and even has its own vocabulary like ‘shindentations’ (indents made by stones on impact) and ‘calf tracks’ (scars left behind after pedals bite into the calves). 

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