8 Of The World’s Most Extreme Sports That Not Everyone Can Tackle

Skyaking, volcano snowboarding, glacier body boarding and extreme ironing – these may sound made up but trust us, they’re not. If anything, they’re glorious sports that are pushing the limits further – more than those set by other contemporary forms of extreme sports.

These sports may seem like they’ll push you right off the edge (may be even literally in some cases) but they’re also a testament to the endurance and resilience of spirited humans who’ve totally aced the game.

Question is, can you handle it?


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We’re not sure what struck the person who first thought this up but extreme ironing is creating creaseless clothes at some of the world’s most dangerous heights and depths. Hence, the moniker, ‘extreme ironing.’ 17-year-old Kevin Krupitzer, a rock climber from Canada invented the sport and, we’re assuming, set the best record after scaling a 120-ft rock in Arizona called Totem Pole. 

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