70-YO Kerela Man Shaves Off Half His Head, Vows Not To Grow Hair Until Modi Is Voted Out Of Power

A lot of people around the country have been deeply hurt by the demonetization drive. As the nation stands on the brink of falling into a ‘no-money’ pit, it’s only people’s outrage that tells us how much they’re suffering. So many people have died and many more are going through an extremely rough patch, just because they have no money in their pockets.

In the midst of all this, here’s the story of 70-year-old Yahiya, Yahikkakka for his customers, who runs a small hotel and tea shop in Kerala’s Kollam. In a Facebook post, Dr Ashraf Kadakka, a professor at the University of Kerala, shared the plight of Yahiya.

In the post, he explained how the demonetization drive hit him, and why he had shaved off half his head in protest, and why he vowed not to grow his hair until PM Modi was voted out of power.

He titled his post as:

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