12 Hauntingly Beautiful Stills From ‘Tamasha’ That Remain Etched In Our Memories


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Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha wasn’t just a film. It was a beautiful vision that was put to execution by two characters – Ved and Tara. Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor managed to play the characters with so much conviction that the audience couldn’t help but root for the flawless yet real characters.

Whether it was Tara’s withdrawal symptoms after the Corsica trip or her attempts in fixing her relationship with Ved, every 20-something girl could relate to Tara and her issues. On the other hand, Ved had his own complexes.

Ved and Tara’s tale wasn’t a hit commercially but they still managed to give us our moments of happiness. As Tamasha completes one year, we take you through Ved and Tara’s journey in these 9 stills from the film that pierced through our hearts and stayed. Have a look.



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