5 Pics Which Prove That Photography Is A Great Lie & What We See Is Not Completely Real


Clicking a photo is one of the best ways to capture a beautiful moment and cherish it for the rest of our lives. Indeed, memories get alive and refreshed as we see pics of our vacation or some occasions.

Probably the same is the reason of constant technological advancement in the field of photography but gradually we have reached an era where we can never be sure whether the photo we are seeing is original or some editing has been done with it. Even though it enhances the quality of a pic, the originality is significantly destroyed and what we get to see is merely lie presented in the form of a decorated piece.

Yes, that’s right! Photography has become a lie in the digital world and some remarkable editing is done every time a pic gets shared more and more. So whenever you see an awesome photo the next time, consider the fact that it could be the magic of editing or some trick!

Here are 10 pics which prove that photography is a great lie:

1. Power of editing:


An intelligent brain is behind unusual and awesome pics:


2. Thinking of some story?


This is how it’s captured:


3. Mini car models are used for creating realistic historical scene.


This is how it’s done:


4. The door to heaven?


LOL 😀 No, certainly not!


5. Looking amazing, isn’t it?


But it’s actually not to magical!


Which of these did you find the best?

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