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Class VIII-Science-Title 6 (1 DVD Pack)

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Force and Pressure Friction Sound



Force and Pressure

  • Introduction
  • Force- A Push or Pull
  • Force Due to Interaction
  • Exploring Forces
  • Force- Changes State of Motion
  • Force-Changes Shape of an Object
  • Muscular and Magnetic Force
  • Electrostatic Force and Force of Friction
  • Gravitational Force
  • Pressure
  • Pressure Exerted by Liquids and Gases
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Introduction
  • Force of Friction
  • Factors affecting Friction
  • Friction- A Necessary Evil 
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction
  • Increasing and Reducing Friction
  • Fluid Friction
  • Introduction
  • Sound Produced through Vibrations
  • Sound Produced by Humans
  • Sound needs Medium for Propagation
  • We hear Sound through Ears
  • Frequency of Vibration
  • Amplitude of Vibration 
  • Loudness and Pitch
  • Noise Pollution


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