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Class VII-Combo-All (18 DVD'S Pack)

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Class VII-Combo-All Maths Science Social Science

Regular Price: ₹3,600.00

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  1. Integers .Fractions and decimals . Data Handling
  2. Simple Equations.Lines and Angles.Triangle and its properties
  3. Symmetry. Visualising Solid Shapes
  4. Perimeter & Area. Algebraic Expressions. Exponents and Powers
  5. Congruence of triangles.Comparing Quantities.Rational Numbers. Practical Geometry


  1. Nutrition in plants. Nutrition in animals
  2. Fiber to Fabric. Heat. Acids , Bases and Salts . Physical and chemical changes
  3. "Weather, climate and adaptation of animal to climate. Wind, storms and cyclones. Soil.
  4. Respiration in organism"
  5. Transportation in animals and plants. Reproduction in Plants . Motion and Time
  6. Electric current and its effects. Light . Water.
  7. Forests. Waste Water story

Social Science

  1. Tracing changes through a thousand years. New Kinds and Kingdoms.The Delhi Sultans
  2. Environment. Inside our Earth , Air , Water
  3. Mughal Empire. Rules and building
  4. "On Equality. Role of Government in the Heath . How the Sate Government Works , Women change the world. "Growing up as boys andGirls . Towns, Traders and Craftspersons. Tribes, namads and settled communities"
  5. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife. Life in Temperate Grasslands. Life in Deserts. Human Environment . Human Environment Interactions
  6. "Understanding Media. Understanding Advertising . Market Around us . A shift in the market. Struggle for Equality
  7. Devotional Paths to the divine. The making of regional cultures.


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